Monday, March 26, 2012

The Hunger Games Weekend

This weekend after months of book re-reading, trailer watching, and magazine/article browsing...we saw

I overall really enjoyed the movie.  I LOVED the actor who played Cesar Flickerman; I thought he was the best cast of the bunch.  I wasn't really feeling Peeta, but everyone else lived up to my expectations.  I also enjoyed the added clips of what was going on outside the Arena ie. the uprising in District 11 after Rue's death, clips of Gale watching the games, President Snow talking with Seneca Crane, etc.
Anxiously waiting for the movie to start...

Then after the movie, we celebrated...a couple weeks late...Whitney's 23rd Birthday!

We ate Hawaiian Beef, a family favorite...

And White Chocolate Creme Brulee for Desert!

The Desert that was on fire... :)

Then we also got to spend our Saturday down in Highland before heading back up to Park City for church on Sunday.  It's been a long time since we got to spend some time with both sides of the family, and it made for a pretty great weekend.  Next weekend...GENERAL CONFERENCE!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Quick Trip to St. George...


Last weekend, we decided to head down to St. George for a long 3 day weekend to celebrate the beginning of Brian's Spring Break.  I took a personal day Monday, and we had a nice relaxing time hiking, eating, window shopping, watching movies and especially enjoying the warm weather.  

Rootbeer Float milkshakes
We went to the Brick Oven (our tradition.)

Brian accidentally took night time cold medicine.
I, on the other hand, was wide awake.

Hiking in St. George

I got this 'Y' magnet for $2.00 at TJ Maxx!
One of many gas stops.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Very Own Secret Food Fairy

This week I have been struck by the most amazing secret act of kindness.  On Tuesday morning, as I entered my classroom after taking Monday off (Brian and I spent the weekend in St. George to start off his Spring to come), I noticed next to my desk to paper grocery bags filled with delicious smelling produce!  (In fact, I even promptly gave myself an internal lecture about how I need to step up my grocery shopping and make it look this healthy.) At first, I thought that my sub must have gone grocery shopping on our lunch break and forgotten to take her groceries with her at the end of the day, but after tracking her down, I found out that they weren't hers and that the bags of produce were already in my room when she got there in the morning. Strange, right!?!

So, I sent an email to all the faculty asking if anyone had randomly misplaced their groceries in my room and/or thanking my mysterious benefactor if in fact the produce was for me.  Nobody ever responded, although several teachers asked me for updates throughout the day, so I guess my generous food fairy wants to remain anonymous.  Somebody at work must think Brian and I are pretty poor. :) Whoever he/she is, I hope they know that they are kind of my favorite person at the moment.  Hooray for random acts of kindness!

Contents of my secret surprise:  apples, oranges, bananas, blueberries, a pineapple, lettuce, asparagus, carrots, cucumbers, scallions, and lots of colorful peppers!

Thank You Secret Food Fairy!

P.S.  On my much unhealthier note, Brian and I did treat ourselves to some peach pie a la mode tonight in honor of Pi Day (3/14).

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Whitney (and London)!

Today has been a pretty momentous day!  Today, I, Ashley Jones Moote, became a godmother to this not so tiny (9lbs 7.4oz) adorable, precious baby girl: London Adele Stone.

And of course, I will never, ever forget her birthday because it just so happens to be the same day as my very own sister Whitney, who just so happens to have been born not that very far away from one London, England.  Coincidence?...I think not! :)

So in honor of my sister's 23rd birthday, here are some reason I love her times a million...

10 Reasons I am happy Whitney was born...

1.  Whitney and I share a love of reading.  I can always talk to her about the books that I love.
2.  Whitney is the only other person in our family who takes a stand against the awfulness of bananas.  She is only partially a traitor because she likes banana bread.
3.  Whitney is quite the homemaker.  Thanks in part to pintrest...she now has a sewing machine and has made some beautiful pillows and other creations using her new talent.
4.  Whitney is always the first one to invite the family over to her house for Sunday dinners.  She makes a great hostess.
5. Whitney pushes me to be a better wakeboarder.  We are always competing to see who can jump the highest and farthest.
6.  Whitney is a hard worker.  She is the only one of my siblings who worked full-time while going to school, and she still graduated in a timely manner!
7.  Whitney has a strong testimony.  Her little primary kids are lucky to have her as a teacher!
8.  Whitney is ready for any Zombie Apocalypse that comes her way.  She has some mad gun skills, and even has legit food storage to boot!
9.  Whitney loves to hum.  All that practice has made her a pro at Cranium's humdinger.
10.  Whitney is a great little sister.  I'm excited that we get to spend so much time together this summer!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Why I came to work today...

At my school, it is not uncommon to receive random emails during school hours entitled "Why I came to work today" from any of staff.  It's kind of a little game we play.  Sometimes we really want to share something inspirational that happened that day, but most of the time, we really want to share something funny/cute/ironic/ridiculous/etc. that a student did or said.  In a work environment that right now is extremely stressful and unnerving (see picture below), these emails are a welcome relief and always put a smile on my face. :)

These are getting a little old, but this one was so good I had to share!

Well, today for me was definitely a "Why I came to work..." kind of day!  And in an inspirational way, no less!  Today in my 1st period Supplemental Math class, I had a student tell me that I made math fun!  That's right...Math with Ms. Moote=Fun! He said that he usually hates math, (as do most/really all of my students), but that today in class math was actually fun.  Another student who has never been confident in his math abilities then exclaimed in front of the whole class that this math is easy! I made writing ratios, finding unit rates, and cross multiplying equivalent ratios fun and exciting and easy.  And the best part is knowing that my students think it is fun and 'easy' because they actually understand what they're doing.  That's a big deal for my kiddos.  The reason that they have to take Supplemental Math in the first place is because they are struggling in the mainstream math classrooms.  My class is essentially an extra math class where we pre-teach and re-teach the material they are learning in their regular math classes.  And that is why I came/went to work today!

Here are some other random/fun "Why I came to work" moments...

1. In one of my reading classes...(We were about to read an article about Woody Gurthrie, the man who wrote "This Land is Your Land."  He grew up in during the Great Depression.)
-Me: "Does anybody know anything about the Great Depression?"
-Student: "The Great Depression is when you get so sad that you might die." 

2. Student - "Teachers know how to text?!?!" (referring to cell phones)

3. Student - "Ms. Moote, the guy who invented homework must have been a nerd."