Sunday, August 31, 2014

Catching up on life with Oliver

The last time I posted about Oliver was for his 9 month update. Fast forward 6 months, and there is so much that I could write about our sweet, curious toddler. Sometimes when I get so far behind, I feel too overwhelmed to even know where to begin, but I want to make sure I remember some the great things that have happened in these precious 15 months we have had with Oliver. He warms my heart and makes me smile everyday. Brian and I are so grateful to be his parents and get to watch him learn and grow.

10 months
At 10 months, Oliver was cruising everywhere. We bought him one of those push toys, and it quickly became his favorite. He could stand on his own and take a couple wobbly steps between objects. March was fun because we got to take a trip down to St. George and out to Georgia for Eleana's baby shower. He also got his first stomach bug. With the weather warming up, we also took a couple trips to the zoo to visit the animals. Yogurt was still a favorite and no teeth were anywhere in site. 

11 months
Oliver turned 11 months the day after Easter. By Easter, he was walking on his own. He looked like a t-rex because he would hold his hands up and close for balance. He could be often seen with a toy in each hand walking but going no where in particular. He loved Easter eggs; he seriously couldn't get enough of them...especially opening and closing them over and over. He loves to play peek-a-boo and listen/watch Frozen. He is quick to smile and loves to gibber jabber all day long. He can finally sit through a whole board book and loves to help turn the pages. He got to watch Daddy graduate from the U with his undergraduate degree and found out he was going to be a big brother. He also got his first hair cut, mostly just a trim around the ears.

1 year
Oliver got to celebrate early in Utah and then we moved to Georgia and celebrated there too. He got to eat macaroni and cheese, pizza, pie, and cake in celebration and received lots of fun toys for him to play with. He loves to swim and has decided it's ok to walk in grass. He loves to take off his shoes and socks and still won't wear hats for very long before pulling them off. He curious about everything and loves to mimic what he sees other's doing. He could walk around in circles all day long. Still no teeth, but he eats almost everything we do. We have introduced cow's milk and are slowly weaning. Most excitingly, this world traveler got to go to Germany, Austria, and Italy at 12 months. He loved visiting his cousins and trying to keep up with them. He was such a trooper the whole 2.5 weeks were gone, but more on that later in a separate post. He weighs 18 lbs and is in only the 2nd percentile for weight, but he definitely becoming a little toddler. We love when he gives us kisses and the occasional hug too.

13 months
 Oliver at 13 months got to meet Great Nana Jones for the first time when we flew out for Great Papa's funeral. I hope to tell him lots of stories about Papa Jones as he grows up and hope that he will turn out to be just like him when he is grown. Oliver loves to play and laugh. He likes to share and show off his toys and thanks mostly to Nana Jones, he likes to help clean up his blocks and legos and help with chores such as laundry and picking up trash. He has 2 teeth on top now and is completely weaned. He loves to go on golf cart rides and play at the park. He loved the 4th of July fireworks and especially his glow in the dark bracelet and necklace. He can kick his legs underwater to swim between two people and loves to play in the pool everyday after swim lessons are over. He is ticklish under his arms and in his thighs and loves having Nana and Papa and all his aunts and uncles around to spoil/play with him.

14 months
Oliver spent his last month in Georgia swimming, playing at the park, going on golf cart rides, feeding the ducks and the turtles, and visiting the Brave's stadium, aquarium, and Stone Mountain. At 14 months, he has 3 teeth on top and 1 on the bottom. He also has added the word 'up' to mama, dada, and nana. He also goes around saying "Aubrey" all the time. I think that's what he wants to name his little sister. Haha. He loves to grab his toes and say 'we, we, we' when someone starts to do "this little piggy." His favorite toy right now is probably his golf set. He uses his golf clubs more like hockey sticks though. He is slowly transitioning to 1 nap a day. He loves Babybel cheese and blueberries and anything that anybody else is eating. He is such a beggar! The toddler in him is definitely coming out and he likes to practice growling and gets quickly upset when he doesn't get something he wants ie. ipods, phones, ipads. But he makes my heart burst when he reaches up to grab my hand and lead me to where he wants to go (which is usually to the garage door leading outside.) He is running, dancing, and likes to be bounced on the trampoline.

15 months
Oliver at 15 months is so much fun. We are back in Utah now, and he just loves being the center of attention here in the Moote home. He has finally hit 20 lbs and is 30 in tall. He has learned how to climb up slides and slide down by himself and after months of trying, can finally jump and get off the ground. He has 4 teeth on top and 2 on the bottom with more on the way. He loves to eat berries in the garden as fast as Grandpa can pick them. He is always looking for someone to take him outside and loves to bring you his shoes as a hint that it's time to go. He is completely off bottles and using sippy cups, but he really loves to drink out of big people cups when anyone will share with him. He still uses his pacifier though especially in the car, at night, and at church. He loves to visit nursery when he can't sit still any longer in Sunday school and is down to 1 nap a day. He is in to 12/18 month clothes and is quickly outgrowing his size 4 shoes. He loves to give hugs and is the best cuddle buddy around when he is tired. He has discovered the joy to climbing and loves to get on the couch and sit down like a big person. He wants to use his own fork and spoon while eating and tries very hard to be independent. I can't believe big he is getting. This is such a cute stage, and Brian and I wish we could just have him stay like this for the next 5 years. We love our little man!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

a much needed update...

So, I've been a terrible blogger this year. There is so much that I could have/wanted to blog about, but life gets crazy and blogging always seems to fall by the wayside. So instead of elaborate posts about everything we've been up to the last 4+ months, you're just going to get a top 10 list.

What's been going on with the Mootes (in no particular order)

1. Brian graduated! He survived a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Computer Science and finished with his best semester GPA ever, a 3.8!

2.  We have taken 3 trips to St. George so far this year and loved them all. We especially love swimming in the pool/hot tub and 4 wheelings in the Teryx.

3. Brian was also accepted into the dual MBA/MSE program at the University of Utah and received a fellowship with a 50% tuition reduction and a small stipend. So we will be in SLC for 2/2.5 more years.

4. Oliver will be 1 year old in exactly 1 week! What a crazy, fun, tiring, exciting, exhausting, heart-warming year it has been. This topic will definitely get its own post soon...hopefully.

5. We are going to Europe for 2.5 weeks at the end of the month. We will be in southern Germany/northern Austria for a week and then move on to Rome and Tuscany for the last week and a half. We are SO EXCITED. Much of my potential blogging time has gone to planning this trip.

6. We are going to Georgia for the summer again! Yep, we will be teaching swim lessons to help pay for our Europe trip and Brian's masters program. We are excited to swim and be with my family for a bit, especially with our new niece arriving any day now.

7. We moved out of student housing! We hate moving and are hoping to find a place where we can stay for the full 2 years we have left as starving students, but we are glad to be out of our old place. Bottom line - moving is hard! We are glad to finally breathe and relax again, for now.

8. I have had the opportunity to take Italian lessons once a week from an Italian living in our complex. It has been a fun get away for me, and I definitely could use the brush up on my Italian for our big Europe trip. Giving up my Thursday nights was one of the few sad moments of moving for me.

9. We got a King mattress! For those of you who know Brian, you know how big a deal this is! He is planning on making an awesome frame to go with it. We can't wait to use it once we get back from GA.

10. Oh and by the way, I'm 12 weeks pregnant...surprise! We were pretty surprised ourselves but are so excited to meet our new addition this Thanksgiving. More on this one later!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Dream Home

Way back in February, while we were in St. George for President's Day weekend, we did the Parade of Homes. Here are some pics from my favorite house on the parade. So in love. :)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Oliver is 9 months!

9 months in, 9 months out! Our Hot ThomOllie (get it?!?! haha) is cuter than ever. He totally has us wrapped around his tiny, little fingers. At 9 months:
Wears size 3 diapers and 6 to 9 month clothes
Can stand up and sit back down without falling
Cruises around all the furniture
Loves to crawl after balls and chase us around the ottoman
Thinks knocking down block towers in the best thing ever
Puts his own face in the water while swimming or in the bath tub
Smiles and flirts with everybody
Can say Daddy, Dada, Yay, Hi
Claps when excited, especially when food is involved
Gives open mouth kisses
Eats purees and finger food like a champ...still loves yogurt :)
Loves to watch "Let it Go" on youtube
Sleeps through the night and takes 2/3 naps during the day
Enjoys the swings but doesn't care about slides
Still enjoys the moby wrap/ergo
Gets into everything
Can sip through straws and has mastered the sippy cup
Still doesn't have any teeth (I jumped the gun on this one, he is SO close though)
Is finally ticklish
Melts our hearts with his big open smiles
And...proof that it's not always rainbows and butterflies
Teething is rough stuff!