Friday, September 20, 2013

3 months

Aghhhh...I am so, so, so behind blogging! Basically this last month has been the busiest of our lives. We moved from Wyoming, visited Georgia, moved back to Utah, moved into University apartments, battled maintenance distasters, watched Oliver hit new milestones, started school, welcomed two new babies into our friends/family circle, and so much more! I wasn't quite sure where to start, as so many of these topics deserve their own posts, but since Oliver will be 4 MONTHS OLD TOMORROW, I better get the 3 month stats down first.

Fun Facts About 3 month old Oliver:

1. At 3 months, Oliver has lived in 3 different houses. (Mommy might call this a "not so" fun fact...)
2. Rolls over from tummy to back (but never for the camera.)
3. Loves to giggle and smile
4. Best Night: broke a personal record for sleeping 12 straight hours. Woohoo! 
5. Worst Night: broke a personal record for waking up every 2 hours SCREAMING (He never screams. Night terrors? Gas? We have no idea. Luckily it was a one night thing so far.) 
6. Transitioned from swing to pack n' play to crib. 
7. Did great on his first airplane ride.
8. Loves to stand and bounce, bounce, bounce.
9. Babbles to himself and anyone who will listen.
10. Tries to scoot but mostly just ends up turning in circles.
11. Still loves bath and shower time and is getting better about towel time too.
12. Can sit up propped up with pillows or in the bumbo.
13. Drools all the time and likes to chew. (Early teething? I hope not!)
14. Has discovered his thumb but would rather chew on it than suck.
15. Will put himself to sleep MOST OF THE TIME with a pacifier.
16. Has become Mr. Grabby. He especially loves grabbing my hair, shirt, and really anything near his face.
 17. Tries to put his pacifier in himself and gets frustrated if he can't without help.
18. Survived his first cold.
19. Is starting to lose his hair, especially on the sides.
20. Has a very sweet, flirty, and happy temperament. We are lucky to have him on our family!