Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ashley's adventures in "running with ed"

Saturday,  I participated in a 42 mile team relay race to raise money for Park City School District.  Each team was made up of 5 runners who ran 2 legs each in this 10 leg race.  We had 2 teams participate from Ecker Hill.
I ran legs 4 and 8.  My first leg was 3.4 miles and started at the bottom of the Olympic Park Ski Jump. 
 I ran a vertical of about 1000ft for 1 mile before running down the other side of the mountain and back up again to the Canyons.

I actually ran about a 10 minute mile, which was really impressive for me.  I even finished before my projected finish time.

My second leg was a little... ok a lot... was 5.15 miles from City Park around to McPolin Elementary.  Thankfully, I convinced Brian (the best husband ever) to run it with me just to keep me going. 

I have to back pedal a little bit, to fully explain the series of events that happened next. 

The race had staggered start times, and our team got the second to last slot.  Combine a late start time with a team of slow runners, and we were quickly one of the last teams to reach each destination.  By the time I started my last leg (8) most teams were already finished and celebrating at the end of leg 10.  Due to our late start and a lot of miscommunication between me, the sweeper, and my team, when Brian and I got to the end of my run, NOBODY was there!!!

So we took the scenic route on the City Bus to the finish line to find my team.

Thank goodness for the City Bus.  :)

All in all it was a really long day and quite the adventure.  I came out with a killer sun burn, a swollen ankle, and sore muscles....but hey, at least I got a medal....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

...why I came to work today...

Reading "journal writes" like this just make my day and makes all the grading worth it. :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

happy birthday to me!

So yesterday was my birthday...yep I'm 26. Pretty crazy, huh? The best part about it all was that we were able to celebrate all weekend long.

Saturday we went bowling with Whitney, Alex, Lyndsey, and Charlie.  Alex kicked all our butts, but it was still a lot of fun.  Whit also made me a pretty amazing cookie cake.

Sunday, we had dinner at the in-laws.  We celebrated both Brian and my's birthday because Brian will be in Georgia for his birthday on June 07th.

Monday, Brian woke up early to make me breakfast and a delicious smoothie.  And then I got open all my presents!!!!!!  Brian got me an Amazon Kindle, and I've been downloading new books all day. :)

26 is going to be a good year.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

...last weekend...

I just wanted to give a quick, although belated, shout out to the people that we honored last weekend.

First, Congratulations to our UofU graduates!!!!!!!!
Whitney Kerr (my sister) and Charlie Crose (my newest bro - in - law)

Also, It was Mother's Day. I am so grateful for my mom who has been the biggest support and example in my life. I'm grateful for her testimony, her above and beyond work ethic, and for her creme brulee. :)

Finally, I am also grateful for my new "mom." We were able to go celebrate with Brian's family on Sunday. I'm grateful for Judy and all that she had to put up from Brian when he was growing up...not to mention her cooking is amazing!

I'm really excited for this weekend too. :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

just because it's a thursday...

Today Brian surprised me by bringing me Loco Lizard for lunch in honor of Cinco de Mayo. Don't I have the most amazing husband ever!?!?! I vote yes.

I am absolutely in love with their homemade chips and salsa. yummmm.... :)

In other news, tomorrow Whitney and Charlie both graduate from the University of Utah. I'm excited to celebrate with them and see the parentals.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

1 year down, 3 more to go....

Finals: ... Brian is done with this semester!!!

What that really means is that I finally get my husband back. :)

Brian is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Minoring in Computer Science and maybe Math too. Even though he is now a Senior at the UofU, he just finished his "freshman" year in the M.E. program. Each semester, they are divided into teams, and they have a huge project that culminates in a Mechanical Engineering competition called "Design Day." Here are some pictures from this semester's competition. (There were a lot of long, tiring nights involved in the making of this robot/car.....)

They had to make a robot/car with very limited and specific resources that could run around a track and shoot little plastic circus animals at two targets: the yellow cat and the UoU Hawk.

So many hours went into this little guy

I'm so proud of you Bri....and I kind of love you too...

Monday, May 2, 2011

welcome to the neighborhood...

Meet our new neighbors......

 We met on the way to work this morning.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

simple pleasures

a temple trip

a Cafe Rio salad


Lynds won.....but there will be a rematch!


movie night with the fam


free movie vouchers thanks to technical difficulties


the good life