Monday, June 18, 2012

life changing events

I haven't been the best blogger recently, but I feel that I need to at least mention two really important events that have occurred so far in June...besides of course finishing my second year of full-time teaching, moving to GA for the summer, starting swim lessons, and celebrating Brian's birthday and Father's Day.

1.  First of all, on June 2, 2012, my brother-in-law, Justin, got married!  It was a beautiful day, with only a little rain in the afternoon.  And Macy made such a beautiful, blushing bride.  Here is a picture of them coming out of the Oquirrh Mountain Temple.

2.  One of my very best friends had her baby boy on Sunday!  Levi Daniel Badger entered this world via c-section after 60+ hours of labor!  HOLY COW, Erin is a trooper!  She went into the hospital Thursday night and didn't get to see her baby until Sunday morning.  Still, it was a great Father's Day present for Justin. :)  Renae, Brian and I went to visit them in the hospital tonight, and he is such a calm, cuddly, beautiful, baby...with a full head of blonde hair no less!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Babe!

Today my very best friend and amazing husband is 25 years old.  That's right, a quarter of a century!  Considering his accident prone tendencies and medical history, this is actually a pretty impressive feat. :)  (Just kidding, Bri.)   Anyway, once again,  I am not with him to celebrate his big day because he is already in Georgia teaching swim lessons, and I am here in Utah signing yearbooks because it is the last day of school.  If all goes well, I should be in GA by tomorrow night.

So here are
25 Reasons I love Brian

1.  He has the best laugh.  I love it especially when he laughs at funny parts in movies.
2.  I love his determination to always to the right thing.
3.  I love that I can 100% completely trust him with anything.
4.  He is a hard worker and spends more time studying than I ever did.
5.  He wakes up early to scrape the ice off my car so I don't have to.
6.  I love that he sometimes brings me homemade chocolate chip cookies at work.
7.  He gives great back massages!
8.  He runs with me even when I'm slow, and he could go faster.
9.  I love that he puts gas in my car so that I don't have to go out in the cold.
10. He can quote movie lines like nobody's business.
11. I love that I met him wakeboarding at Lake Powell.
12. He has the best looking green eyes ever.
13. I love that he makes sure we are never late to church.
14. He's pretty clean...for a boy. :)
15. I love that he wants to travel the world with me.
16. I love how excited he gets about food...especially cheesecake.
17. He is the best gift giver.  He always knows exactly what to get me, even when I don't know myself what I want.
18. I love that he has big dreams for the future.
19. I love that we read books together.
20. I love that he kills bugs for me.
21. He gives the best hugs.
22. He's good with kids.
23. I love him because even when he is away from me, he calls me or texts me to remind me to wake up for work.
24. I love the way my hand fits into his.
25.  I love Brian because he makes me a better person!

Happy Birthday Brian!