Thursday, October 31, 2013

Oliver: 4-5 months

Oliver is growing up so fast! Sometimes I look at him and stare in wonder at how much he has changed  in just a few short months. Every once in a while, he will give me this look, and I swear he looks more like a little boy than a baby! It's so exciting to watch him learn and grow and see his personality develop, but I'm not about to give up the snuggles and kisses and gurgles just yet! So because I never got around to posting about 4 month old Ollie, I am combining 4 month old pictures and facts with 5 months. This is little guy seriously just makes my heart melt 24/7.

Above are some pics of our little man at 4 months. Oliver handled his 4 month appointment and shots SO much better than his 2 month appointment. This was a big deal for mommy! He is tall and skinny and most importantly healthy.

And below is Oliver at 5 months. (Lots of 5 month pictures to come in other posts about our adventures this month!)

And here are some facts about Oliver in the 4/5 month old stage:

-wears 3-6 month clothes
-size 1-2 diapers
-doesn't get a lot of tummy time because he is constantly rolling over to his back
-can roll from back to front and front to back now
-moves around in his sleep A LOT
-loves to grab faces 
-has tested the flavors of gelato, pesto, curry, beef stew, pastry cream, butternut squash, and orange juice. He really isn't eating yet, but he is fascinated by what we eat and is getting really grabby, so we started to dip his pacifier (or our fingers) in different items for his tasting pleasure. So far, so good. We tried tiny bits on the spoon, but he just played with it.
-tries to suck on empty water bottles
-is teething. He chews and drools like a boss and has had some pretty fussy last couple of days.
-sleeps from 9pm to 8:30am but has regressed to getting up 2 times a night
-is napping better during the day. 
-always wants to be standing up and bouncing
-gets distracted while eating ALL THE TIME
-quick to smile when you make a silly face at him
-is starting to get a little ticklish 
-can be instantly cheered up by taking a bath or shower
-tries to hold his own bottle and put his pacifier in himself 
-sits up unassisted for a few seconds at a time
-talks to his toys
-travels great in cars and planes
-and laughs and giggles a lot at night before bedtime

I feel pretty lucky to get to spend my days with this little guy. There is no where else I would rather be than home with him!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New Baby Friends and Family Visits

On top of visiting my fmaily in Georgia in August, we also got to visit with Brian's grandparents and meet our new nephew/cousin, Ethan. Grandma and Grandpa Moote came at the perfect time to meet two of their newest great grandsons!

Oliver Meeting Great Grandma and Grandpa Moote and baby Ethan.

4 Generations of Moote Men

Ethan is such a cute baby! He is so small and cuddly compared to Oliver. I can't believe how much babies can change and develop in just 3 months! Ollie and Ethan are going to be best cousin friends!

Then in September, we also welcomed another new friend for Oliver, Jay Maxwell Stone. Hooray for best friends having best friend babies! Jay was 3 lbs heavier and 3 in longer than Oliver as a newborn. They are going to be the same size ridiculously soon. 

Who looks this good after giving birth naturally?!?!
We are feeling pretty blessed to have friends and family that are near by and to have so many new play buddies for Oliver!

Oliver's 1st Trip to Georgia

So, I finally have time to blog about Oliver's first vacation to Georgia back in August! Oliver and I got to stay for 2 weeks, and Brian joined us the 2nd week once his internship ended. I was so excited to get out of Wyoming and introduce Ollie to my home, but oh, I was SO nervous to take him on a plane by myself. Turns out, I was nervous for nothing. We were lucky enough to get a window seat and an empty middle seat, Oliver did great the whole flight with minimal crying just before landing. Here are some pictures Brian took when he dropped us off at the airport. 

Nana and Papa were so excited to have Oliver come and visit! They made sure he had everything he ever needed and more. Ollie is one lucky grandson! And even though we totally missed Daddy, we are grateful for he let us come out an extra week, and we had fun chatting with him on Facetime.

I know I already blogged about Oliver's first time in the pool, but over the course of two weeks, we took a lot more pool pictures. Oliver was great in the pool. He happily bobbed around for hours and even let Mommy, Daddy, and Papa get his face wet a few times without tears.

Chillin' Poolside

I also got to hang out with the best friends a girl could ask for while in Georgia. It's seriously great that we can have those moments when we are all together at the same time. I also took Oliver to his first Braves game with friends and family. We won.

Peace Up, A-Town Down

Towards the end of our trip, we took Oliver to the Varsity and Centennial Olympic Park. We did so much more, too, that I don't have pictures for. Golf cart rides, game nights, trips to Publix, Zaxby's, Chick-fil-a, more swimming, shopping, etc. 

Just blogging about our trip makes me really want to on vacation again. It was so great being with my family and having the extra help with Oliver all the time. He seriously barely got any tummy time the whole trip because he was always being held and cuddled and loved. And I got to take a few naps and change a whole lot less diapers! I love my family! Special shout out to my mom and dad for hosting us! Love y'all and can't wait for Christmas!