a list of 25

When I was 21, my friend Renae and I decided that we would celebrate the milestone year by living life to the fullest and experiencing 21 new things we had never done before.  It was really fun and forced me to broaden my horizons and take more chances.  Due to the success of our "Year of 21" project, I decided to take on the challenge again with the "Year of 25."  It's been the craziest, most exciting year of my life (full of SO MANY FIRSTS!) Some are big, some not so much, but all have made an impact.
  1. Receiving my very first New Years Kiss (definitely not my last)
  2. Learning how to Ski (Bri - that could be my favorite of all dates)
  3. Taking a Boxing and Zumba Class (boxing hurt my wrists, zumba was heaven)
  4. Going Snowmobiling (my gloves had a literal meltdown, but I loved every minute of it)
  5. Enjoying a bonfire on the beach (thanks Jessica)
  6. Conducting my own 6th Grade Orchestra (it was a beautiful disaster)
  7. Running the Salt Lake Half Marathon (that's 13.1 miles people)
  8. Getting $214 tickets for free to my first NBA playoff game (Lakers beat the Jazz)
  9. Hiking Angels Landing (not a hike for those afraid of heights)
  10. Jeeping in Moab (i'm not even kidding, we almost tipped over at least twice)
  11. Star gazing beneath Delicate Arch with Brian (would have been more romantic w/out the ward)
  12. I said "I love you" for the first time to a boy (of course it was Bri)
  13. I brought my first boy ever home to GA to meet the parents (ok they had already met)
  14. I finally can I say that I have been to Destin (I think I may the only person from high school who didn't go there ever for Spring Break)
  15. I checked out the Orlando Temple (the bride was beautiful)
  16. I bought my very first bed/bed room furniture (this means I'm officially a grown up)
  17. I got my first "real" job teaching a Ecker Hill Middle School (love it)
  18. I experienced camping at Flaming Gorge (cold lake but good times)
  19. I got engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Brian was happy too)
  20. I planned a wedding (so glad I'm a one wedding girl)
  21. I got married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (life does not get better)
  22. I touched a sting ray (you may laugh, but that is a big deal for me)
  23. I moved in with a boy (it's like having a sleep over with your best friend every night)
  24. I appeared in my first ever youtube music video (childhood dream - check)
  25. I get to teach the 12-13 year old girls (beehives) in Young Womens (love my calling)

There have been SO, SO, SO many more...25, you have been good to me! :)