Tuesday, November 29, 2011

one man's trash...

...is another man's treasure.
Look at what we found at DI!  A 16 piece gold-plated flatware set.  Just in time for Christmas!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Operation Saving Peter Rabbit

Saturday morning we were eating breakfast, when we discovered you had a new friend outside our window.  For most people this wouldn't be a problem, but we live in a basement several feet underground.  Somehow this little rascal managed to get himself stuck. 
My mom was actually in town and saw him first.  She thought he was a decoration until she saw his nose twitching.

We hadn't been home since Thursday, so we didn't know how long this guy had been down here.  I tried to feed him some celery...

The escape plan:  scare rabbit into box.

You're free bunny!  What are you waiting for?

This is my favorite picture maybe of all time.

Good deed for the day...check!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I pinned it. I did it.

So I'm pretty much a rockstar.  I pinned it here on pinterest, and then I actually did it!  So here is the back story.  Today was the first day of my Thanksgiving break.  Great right?  Except that Brian still had to go to school today. :(  So in order to fill my time... I did the laundry, cleaned our apartment, did a little Christmas shopping, and made this!  It's been a productive day.

Lessons learned...
1. Projects like this take a ridiculous amount of time (as in at least double what I had planned.)
2. When working with a hot glue gun, applying band-aids to your finger will protect them from getting burned.
3. I have inherited the Jones family back and knee problems.  I can't begin to tell you how bad my joints hurt after leaning over and bending my knees for hours on end.
4. There is a great sense of accomplishment in finishing what you start.
5. DIY projects are not always cheaper than their store bought counterparts, but they are definitely priceless.

Now all we need is a tree!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lights at the Gateway

On Saturday, Brian and I made the trip down the canyon to go to the temple, and then we met up with our friends Kim and James at the Gateway to go see the new Twilight movie Breaking Dawn.  We were lucky to be at the Gateway on the night that they turned on their Christmas lights. 
It's a Christmas decorated golf cart!

Friday, November 18, 2011

My Gratitiude List: Part 2

My list here was getting pretty dang long, so I decided to cut it in half and start a second post to last me through Thanksgiving.  Here it goes...

November 15 - Today I am grateful for a husband that lets me read books out loud to him.  I love reading, and it is like double the fun for me to know that we are getting into a good book together.  We just finished reading The Maze Runner.  It's a Young Adult novel geared more to guys, and it's a little predictable at parts but a good read overall and we recommend it.  I think they're going to be making the series into movies soon too.

November 16 - Today I am grateful for my principal.  My principal Traci is just a great person.  She is a good leader.  Cares about the school, it's students, and it's teachers.  And yesterday on our early release day, she told all the teachers she wanted us to leave an hour early because of all the hard work last week with parent teacher conferences.  I was home by 3:30 and had so much time just to relax and get things done.  Thanks Traci!

November 17 - Today I am grateful for family and giving..  I have been working really hard this last week on birthday and Christmas presents that have meaning and come from the heart for the people in my life I love most, and I just finished a big project that I'm really excited about. I really truly do love the spirit of giving.  I get way more excited buying and making presents for my family than wondering what they are going to give me.  I know that I get my excitement and love for giving from my parents, especially my dad.  I've never met anyone more willing to give and who is so happy doing it.  Thanks dad for the example!

November 18 - Today I am grateful for my mission.  Brian and I got invited to go to an International Dinner tonight by one of his friends from the U.  It's kind of like a pot luck where everybody brings a dish from where they are from or where they served their mission.  Thanks to my wonderful experiences in Italy and for their fabulous cuisine, I have plenty of options and won't feel like a poser making any of them.  I am Italian.  I truly feel as if Italy has become part of my heritage.  It's part of who I am.  Missions really do just keep on giving...

November 19 - Today I am grateful for the temple.  Brian and I have a goal to go at least once a month.  It has seriously been such a great blessing.  It's amazing how just a few hours of peace and perspective can make me so terribly happy.

November 20 - Today I am grateful a husband who works so hard to be a good primary teacher to such difficult 9 year olds.  I am also grateful our nice, little, cozy, and most importantly warm apartment.  Thank goodness for a place to curl up and snuggle on a wintery, snowy day.

November 21 - Today I am grateful for my visiting teachers.  They exemplify what the visiting teaching program is all about.  In fact, they totally put me to shame, but now I am resolved to be the best visiting teacher I can be too.  I am also grateful for the delicious tacos the Mr. and I made for FHE dinner.  Yum.

November 22 - Today I am grateful for online shopping.  I've never been the best shopper because big stores with lots of choices overwhelm me.  I also get really grumpy when I have been standing up and walking all day.  Plus, I have a serious aversion to spending money...at least on myself.  Online shopping has helped overcome at least a few of my shopping woes.  It's fast. It's convenient. It means I don't have to drive down to SLC, and it's allowed me to get most of my Christmas shopping already done.

November 23 - Today I am grateful for a job that gives me so much paid vacation.  The pay may be terrible, the moral may be low, but the one of the best things we have going for us as teachers are the breaks! I love getting Fall break, Thanksgiving break, 2 weeks at Christmas, Ski break, Spring break, and my summers off.  I love my job, but I am grateful today that I have the next couple of days to just relax and enjoy family.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Happy Veteran's Day!

So as I am a history major, here is quick look at the history of what we now know to be Veteran's day.  World War 1 officially ended on November 11, 1918.  A U.S. legal holiday known originally as Armistice Day was created to honor World War 1 veterans.  The holiday was dedicated to the cause of world peace.  
In 1954, Congress amended the holiday to include veterans of all wars and to honor all servicemen and women who sacrifice for our country.  The holiday was changed from Armistice Day to Veteran's Day.  Today on November 11, 2011, we honor all American veterans who have served and/or continue to serve our country and preserve our freedom.

I would like to especially thank my Grandpa Hurst, Papa Jones, my Dad, and my brother-in-law Lee for their service and examples!  Happy Veteran's Day!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

waterfall braid

Despite what I said here about my hair...since I'm not shaving my head anytime soon, I decided I better figure out some new ways to live with the mop on my head.  A couple weeks ago when my friend Amy, the braid whisperer, was in town for this, and she helped me figure out how to do a 'waterfall braid.'  I knew if anyone could figure it out, she could.  So here it is...without further ado...my waterfall braid...
It's a work in progress.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Super Saturday

Yesterday, I was able to go to my Relief Society's Super Saturday.  Believe it or not, I had never heard of a 'Super Saturday' before.  In fact, when I mentioned that to one of my Visiting Teachers, she asked me if I was a convert!   Anyway, it was a lot of fun.  I got to meet some more sisters from the ward, eat some yummy soup and goodies, and explorer my inner crafter (pinterest would be proud!)  So here are just a few of my creations.  I can't display them all because some may or may not be presents for the future... :)

1.  Here is my spirited BYU post it cover.

2.  And here is my new 'MENU' board for the kitchen.  I already planned our meals for the week using a dry erase marker.  Brian is stuck with left overs for both Wednesday and Thursday because I have Parent Teacher Conferences and won't be home until after 8. :(

Friday, November 4, 2011

missing my long, brown hair

Warning:  The post below is totally self absorbed and a little vain.  Read at your own risk...

I am in a hair rut!  It's been a whole year since the last time that I dyed my hair a few weeks before my wedding.  Other than a few trims, I haven't done anything with my hair, and recently my hair has just been driving me crazy!!!  These days I rarely even wear it down.  Most of the time, I just throw it in a ponytail, crazy braid, a messy bun and call it a day.  It's in that terrible stage where it's not really long but also no longer shoulder length either.  I'm also not sure about the color.  I loved going brunette, but I hated the long process of going back to blonde and all the damage that came with it.  Basically, I have no idea what to do with my hair these days and just wanted to vent and complain a little bit.  I miss my hair looking like below... :( ...but my hair refuses to grow longer and hair coloring is expensive, plus a  it's kind of a big commitment for someone as non-committal as myself. ;)

P.S  On a happier note, how cute was our pumpkin snowman?!?!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Gratitiude List: Part 1

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, this month I have decided to 1. choose to become a more grateful person 2.  actively recognize the little blessings I take for granted and tend to overlook and 3.  share some of my gratitude with the few people that read this blog.  So here it goes....

November 1 - Today I am grateful that we put Brian's snow tires on Saturday.  Now I don't have to worry so much about him driving down and up the canyon today in the snow.

November 2 - Today I am grateful that my brother Travis was born on this day 25 years ago.  What would life have been like without my only brother? I don't know...but I'm guessing just a little more boring, and we probably never would have gotten a boat. :) For the boat alone but also so many more good times and memories, Happy Birthday Travis...I love you!
November 3 - Today I am grateful for Netflix.  It has been such a life saver now that we don't even have basic cable television.  How cool is it that in 2011, we have the technology stream movies and TV shows live from the internet straight to our HD TV's?!?!?!  Who would have thunk back in the days of Oregon Trail, Word/Number Muncher, and VHS?

November 4 - Today I am grateful to look younger than I actually am.  One of my co-workers past me in the hall today, did a double take, and said that she had thought that I was one of the students. :)  I've gotten this a couple times from other teachers.  Now it could just mean that I need to stop shopping in the juniors section and stop wearing my hair up, but today I'm choosing to believe that it means that I still look 21 (because honestly there is no way I could really still pass for a 7th grader...)

November 5 - Today I am grateful for Relief Society.  Even though the sisters in my ward are all older than me and in different stages in their lives, they always go out of their way to make me feel welcome.  Go here to see some of the fun crafty things we did together this weekend.  P.S.  I am also grateful for daylight savings time...but only in the fall...

November 6 - Today I am grateful that my Bishop asked Brian and I to give talks on gratitude Thanksgiving Sunday....I knew their was a purpose for this blog!  I am also grateful for Sunday afternoon naps.

November 7 - Today I am grateful for a husband who wakes up extra early to shovel snow and start my car, so when I leave for work I don't have to scrape off ice,  and it's already warm and toasty.  And that this isn't just a one time thing because he does this every morning now.  I love you Brian!

November 8 - Today I am grateful for Cafe Rio salad dressing.  Seriously, where have you been all my life?  I can't believe I spent the first 20 years of my life without you.  More specifically today, I am grateful for this lady here for teaching me how to make you on my own.  I can't wait for dinner tonight!

November 9 - Today I am grateful for dishwashers.  After living without one for our first few months of marriage, I'll never take one for granted again.  I'm also grateful for nights like tonight when I come home from a long day of Parent-Teacher conferences and Brian has done all the dished for me.

November 10 - Today I am grateful to be a teacher.  On days like this where I have to spend from 8:00-3:00 away from my classroom in professional development unpacking my curriculum,  evaluating assessments, and writing enduring understandings and essential questions, only to return to my school for Parent-Teacher Conferences until 8:00 P.M, I have to remind myself that I actually enjoy teaching.  I love the 90 minutes a day that I get to spend with my students.  It makes all the rest of the "stuff" seem a little bit more worth it.

November 11 - Today I am grateful for the blessings of the temple.  One of my great friends Jessica is being sealed today to her husband Wes for time and all eternity.  I am so grateful that families are eternal and can be together forever.

November 12 - Today I am grateful for a clean apartment, stocked refrigerator, soup and grilled cheese on a snowy day, and for the warm oatmeal butterscotch cookies that Brian just made for us!  It's adding up to be a pretty great Saturday.

November 13 - Today I am grateful that in a little over a month church will start at 11 instead of at 9.  I'd go to church no matter what time it started, but I'm not going to lie I'm excited for an extra day to sleep in.  Maybe I'll start actually doing my hair for church again...

November 14 - Today I am grateful for my health.  I went to the doctor today for my annual physical and everything looks good.  That combined with all the Grey's Anatomy I've been watching recently has really made me realize how awesome my healthy body is and how frequently I take for granted the miracle of good health. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

let it snow...?

I guess now that it's November that means goodbye fall...or at least I think that's what Mother Nature is trying to tell me...

Here are some pictures from the windows outside my classroom.

Happy 11/1/11!