Monday, September 24, 2012

Park City in September

Sometimes I forget that people come to Park City for vacation; that they actually choose to spend their precious free time up here in the mountains. (In fact, my brother and two of my best friends have honeymooned or will be honeymooning up here since I came to Park City 3+ years ago!)

I have come to the realization that I totally take Park City for granted.  I don't enjoy all the benefits that come with living in Park City, not even close. Every morning this month, as I leave for work, I see dozens of these things in the sky.  I mean seriously, how places are there in the world where every morning you get slapped in the face with hot air balloons everywhere you turn?!?!

Someday I will take a ride in a hot air balloon...sigh...

Until then, I am determined to start utilizing the amazing scenery and events surrounding me.  Especially the ones that aren't quite so costly.  I'm going to go hike through the fabulous, fiery red and orange leaves; I'm going to go to that one pizza place on Main st. that everybody not from Park City raves about; I'm going to spend time pretending I am a tourist in my own city; I am going to take advantage of the local deals more often.  I may even brave the crowds this winter for Sundance!   Here goes nothing!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Life Lately According to Other People's Pictures

I cannot believe it is already half way through September.  With so much going on, life just seems to be flying by!  Brian and I are both back in school, our tans are faded, and Wednesday morning I even woke up to frost on my car :(

We have been spending a lot of our time working - this school year has been busier than ever, studying - Brian for classes and me for the Praxis Principles of Learning and Teaching exam I have to take next Saturday at BYU, and working on Brian's car - it broke down 3 weeks ago, and we have been spending weekends (including this one) down in Highland trying to fix it ourselves. And by ourselves, I mean Brian with the help of his Day. :)

We have had some fun in there too.  We spent Labor Day swimming, eating J-Dawgs, and playing games with friends down in Provo.  Pretty exciting especially because my best friend, Renae, got engaged!  We also have beent to two fun celebrations in honor of Travis' graduation and new job with the Air National Guard in Savannah, Ga.  Here are some pictures of Labor Day fun and the party the Ipince family through for Travis.